Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Could be worse.....Oh, wait. It is.

Thanks to pressure from student groups such as ASUA and GPSC, fees increases were limited to approximately $310 for next year. GPSC is still working on getting some of that remitted for GATs and GRAs, but no firm deal has been released in writing yet.

The Regents have mandated that all three universities reduce their payroll expenses by 2.75% before the end of the fiscal year. ASU has proposed program consolidations and cuts, while UA has been pretty quiet on the matter. According to Becky Pallack of the AZ Star, the total amount is about $5 million. No one is sure what this will mean to UA GATs and GRAs. We've already taken an effective pay cut through increased fees!

President Shelton will be at GPSC tonight at 6pm in Law 168 if you want to ask him to explain his plan (whatever it may be). E-mail the assembly chair to reserve your spot to speak:

GPSC elections are going on right now. If you don't vote, don't complain later. For all the bitching we do, we have an embarassingly low voter turn out. If you care about your salary, health care, remission, etc. then you should be able to take 30 seconds to click a few buttons and vote: Click on your college.

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