Tuesday, January 19, 2010

A letter from the Governor

Good(ish) news for education, really bad news for everyone else. Don't panic until you've read the whole thing. It's only mostly sad.

From the Governor's e-mail:

"One of the rewards of being Governor over the past year has been the ability to
interact and witness the important work that gets accomplished by state
government employees on a daily basis. The citizens depend on the wide range of
services offered by our dedicated public servants.

As you are all aware, the State of Arizona faces an unprecedented budget crisis.
I have spent the last several weeks meeting with budget staff, agency directors
and advisers looking at all options to address the $5 billion deficit we face
over the next 18 months. We have explored numerous proposals on how best to
move our great State forward.

Today, I am releasing the results of those efforts. The Executive FY
2011 budget represents the largest reform and restructuring of government in the
state's ninety-eight year history.

It also includes painful decisions that will impact lives throughout our state.
Unfortunately, the impasse over revenue increases, my concerns about taking on
massive long-term debt and the continued effects of the recession on our
economy have left me few choices given my responsibility to produce an honest
balanced budget. I have attached a copy of the letter that summarizes some of
those difficult recommendations.

I am sure that some state employees' initial reactions may range from shock to
anger. Many of you have spent an entire career dedicated to serving the people,
through budgets good and bad.

Please know that I share in the frustration and disappointment that many of you
feel regarding the impact of the budget crisis on state government. These
recommendations are a reflection of the fiscal realities we face, not a
reflection of your service.

The purpose of this note, however, is not to defend my budget package but to
ensure you know the truth about our State's situation and stay involved in our
economic recovery. To that end,Be informed - go to my website at www.az.gov and
read my budget proposal.

Go to www.azleg.gov and read information about Legislative proposals.
Communicate with your agency leadership about your goals, concerns and

Remain committed to public service. While it may be tough right now and the
work may sometimes seem thankless, Arizona continues to need dedicated public
servants to protect and help the citizens of our state. Pray that the
governmental leadership of this state will make wise decisions regarding
Arizona. Whether you support me or not, I also humbly ask that you pray for me
that I may be able to effectively discharge the duties of my office.
Do not lose hope. When discouraged turn to faith, family and friends.

We will get through this. Our plight, while serious, still pales compared to so
many around this world. Despite our current difficulties, we should never
forget that we have been blessed enormously as a state and a Nation.

Thank you for your continued dedicated service. Ultimately, I believe Arizona
will arise from this crisis and become a stronger state. We must work together
to meet the challenges that face us and prepare Arizona for her second century.

May God bless you and may God bless the great State of Arizona.

Janice K. Brewer
Budget Letter From Governor-FY2011

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Anonymous said...

and what exactly does Brewer propose for caring for the 10,000 children now without daycare, and the 17,000 seriously mentally ill with less assistance? Oh, and the kidscare? gone! gee, I guess I'll pray on it. The is neoliberalism at its finest. 'rather than support the idea that resources are adequate for broad-based public sharing of the fruits of prosperity, [...] promote the idea that resources are scarce, and fierce competition among groups of individuals will be required to secure a comfortable life' (paraphrasing Lisa Duggan "The Twilight of Equality?".