Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Thursday's Rally: More details

Campus organizers in a variety of departments have come together to organize this rally for Thursday. Big numbers will show that the graduate and undergraduate student body is worth listening to. Small numbers might imply the opposite. Show up and be counted.

This comes from the organizers' website:

*** Arizona for Education Rally, Thursday 24th, 12.15pm, UA Mall ***

Arizona for Education is a worker-centered, collaborative initiative built of graduate assistants, student workers, faculty and staff - from many parts of Uof A. We would like to invite you to participate, whether as a committee member, asource of information (confidential or not), or as a participant in our rally this Thursday. Arizona for Education is united around building common cause, voicing concerns, getting the word out, and responding.

* Common cause: We are strengthening our ties and contacts across theUniversity. Everyone is affected when cuts affect vital areas.

* Voicing concerns: Many voices, especially those of vulnerable staff and TA's whose departments don't support organizing, are being silenced. We wish to make these voices heard without fear. Please let us know if you have a story that you want us to tell for you.

* Getting the word out: Our education, PR and demonstration committees are working hard to make sure the desk of the President is no longer the only source of information around here. We are publicizing here on campus via teach-ins, rallies and email campaigns. We are publicizing off-campus to Arizona media and on the Internet, and seek to target particular legislativedistricts for publicity in the future. Your participation is most welcome.

* Responding: We cannot prevent all cuts, but we can, if we unite, address ourresponse to their source in legislative districts. We can further address the devastating effects of the present administrative methods of instituting cuts.When cuts are mismanaged, we respond. When the full reality is distorted or simplified, we respond. When eliminated jobs, hemorrhaged faculty positions, disingenuous fees, disappearing funding sources and unfair workloads are swept under the carpet, we air them. We are content to be divided and voiceless no longer. Our first major responseis this Thursday, the 24th, at 12:15pm on the Mall.

Please attend. If you can't, please ask us how we can help address your concerns. We are also encouraging a teach-in this week and have attached a power point to help faculty and GTAs inform their classes about the budget cuts and what we can all do to speak out against them(http://arizonaforeducation.com/2009/09/ppt-for-undergrad-education/) http://www.arizonaforeducation.com/

There are also a couple of facebook groups you can join to show support.

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