Friday, June 5, 2009

Famous for failure?

When I was a little kid and I did something stupid in order to get people to like me, my mom would say, "There are two kinds of attention: positive attention, and negative attention."

U of A administration, you should take a page out of my mom's book.

The AZ Star announced today that the U of A will now be holding some of the largest classes in the nation (up to 1,200 students at a time) in a year with record high tuition for this institution. Well, who is surprised, considering that we're among the very bottom of the pile for university spending and absolute last (that's 51 in the nation, including Washington D.C.) in K-12. Instead of investing in education, UA will dump $300,000 into retrofiting their theater with projectors and wi-fi.

Ever wonder why your students can't complete a simple sentence in writing? Do you ask yourself why so many undergraduates enter the university without the basic math and science skills they need? Now they're even more likely to leave the university, still without the basic skills they need.

U of A is on the road to becoming famous for failure when it comes to undergraduate education.

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