Tuesday, May 5, 2009

This is not going to blow over

Did we go through all this to let ASUA's bad decision ruin our reputation? No!

Summer may be rolling in, but we can't let the heat erase the memory of what a fiasco has been committed by the ASUA. The $900,000+ loss is all over the news:

The Tucson Citizen reports that the ASUA vows more concerts will be held, despite this colossal failure:

The Wildcat examines the result of this disaster on Tommy Bruce's legacy:

A letter to the Wildcat in support of Bruce, and signed by President Shelton and various other campus leaders, actually gets its facts wrong:

"President Bruce singlehandedly fundraised money to organize and rally over 2,500 students at the state Capitol in protest of devastating budget cuts. "

In fact, the GPSC provided half of the bus funding and was not even afforded the courtesy of being allowed to speak at the rally, nor were they given any credit by ASUA.

And the Wildcat calls it like it is, describing the concert venture as vainglorious and arrogant:

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